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The Boss Bar was established in 1987. We are located at the corner of Clark and Hubbard in Chicago’s premier River North neighbourhood.

[two_third_last]The Boss Bar is a classic, timeless establishment that attracts after-work professionals and also hosts a lively late-night experience until 4am Sunday-Friday and Saturday’s until 5am.  We are proud to have been serving Chicago for over 25 years. Our establishment celebrates key members of our community from past to present and strives to provide a comfortable and consistent environment for our guests. Come on in for a game, after-work, or late-night and experience all The Boss Bar has to offer.[/two_third_last]

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Find Us:

420 N Clark Street, Chicago IL, 60654
2pm-4am Monday- Thursday
Friday 11-4am
Saturday 11-5am
Sunday 11-4am
Phone: (312) 527 1203
Email: info@thebossbar.com








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